About Us
The North West Spongee League is the brain child of two Local Winnipeggers who love the game of sponge hockey. Both of which have grown tired of playing in leagues that are not designed to give the players what they want. NWSL is a great fair league that provides healthy competition with an emphasis on fun for a reasonable price.

President- Jamie Bates is the man behind the North West Slo-Pitch League for the last 16 years. With Jamie's experience in the softball world he decided after playing in a few different spongee leagues over the years, he wanted to get involved in the sponge hockey world. Jamie is very passionate about providing a fun and fair league that will be driven to making the players happy. Contact Jamie 204 223 9118 or 204 998 1985 email jwbates@shaw.ca

Various icons used from the Silk Icons library.